About us

JoBBsquare (part of the Nederland Vacature Groep) works fair and open
We have quality, not quantity. It's about people who, on the basis of talent and content to be brought into contact with each other. The click between employer and job seeker in particular, arises not from the blind deferral of anonymous Cvs.

The online platform JoBBsquare is therefore for disclosure. The personality and style of both employers and job seekers are as relevant as the hard factual side. JoBBsquare therefore always structured and unfiltered both parties in contact with each other. It gives both the opportunity to to present authentic.

Provider of services
JoBBsquare is a tight-knit organization with passionate people where approachable and resolving power of course within the culture. Back to really, content and values. It is a profession. We are a service provider like is suppose to be.

Knowledge of business
With clear practices and proven results JoBBsquare stands shoulder to shoulder with employers and job seekers. Without himself. With the human scale and quality as first nature.

Strong focus on the region
JoBBsquare brings employers and job seekers together successfully. Does that for years with visible results. After a first regional roll-out, we work nationwide since 2004 without the strong focus on the region to lose sight of.